Shipping & Handling

All ordered products are delivered via regular mail or UPS courier company.
The courier company usually delivers the ordered product to all locations on the next 3-6 business days (in EU) after posting.
Shipments via regular mail are delivered within 3-14 business days (in EU), and usually processed by the national post in the country of the receiver.
Delivery time to non EU countries may take a bit longer. Island locations within the EU might not have UPS shipping available.
Shipping costs depend on the selected delivery method, as specified below:

European Union All other countries
Regular mail
5.75 € / 6.75 USD / 4.50 GBP 20.47 € / 24.03 USD / 16.02 GBP
UPS 12.42 € / 14.58 USD / 9.72 GBP not available

You may also pick up the product personally in Krakow in our showroom at Bonarka 11 Street in Krakow.


Opening hours:

Monday – Tuesday: 10 – 19

Saturdays: 11-13


If you want to pick up the ordered products personally, you will need to call or e-mail us to check if the product is currently in stock in our showroom.

Tel. no.: +48 (12) 357 66 05