Digital King IR72 INFRARED 72mm
      Digital King IR72 INFRARED 72mm

      Digital King IR72 INFRARED 72mm

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      The Digital King Infra-red filter blocks visible light up to 720nm wavelength, passing only infrared radiation. It is especially recommended for black and white photography, because it allows you to effectively reduce the haze characteristic of distant plans. In turn, on broad shots, it emphasizes the contrast between the sky and clouds. It can be used both in traditional photography (with infrared film) and in digital photography.

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      Infrared photography uses the phenomenon of absorption, reflection and the natural emission
      of infrared radiation. Therefore, the spectacular effects of using the filter can be obtained by
      photographing vegetation and water reservoirs, where the effect of absorption and reflection of
      infrared radiation is the most intense.

      Set contains:

      • Digital King IR72 INFRARED 72mm filter
      • Original packaging

      Seller warranty:

      • 2 years
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      Digital King IR72 INFRARED 72mm

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