Sunwayfoto FB-28i FB Series Smallest Classic Ballhead

Sunwayfoto FB-28i is the smallest classic ballhead from Sunwayfoto with Arca-style clamp. Classic entry-level ball head with a standard screw-knob clamp DDC-37 is CNC machined from light weight aircraft-grade aluminum, with stain anodized surface finish for better abrasion and corrosion resistance. Compatible with all Arca-Swiss style plates.

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Ball diameter 28
Ballhead height 72
Ballhead load capacity 12kg
Ballhead weight (g) 207
Stative mounting thread 3/8"

Sunwayfoto Tripod Ball Head includes XB Series Low Profile Ball Head and FB Series Single Notch Ball Head, features all-metal design (aviation magnesium-aluminum alloy), precision CNC machined, hard anodizing surface finish, laser engraved. What makes Sunwayfoto tripod ball head outstanding is its superior locking strength, an ellipsoidal ball for off-centre loads and a choice of ARCA-Swiss Compatible clamps to complement the head.

Sunwayfoto ball head utilizes unique Ellipsoidal Ball structure in its locking system to improve the operation stability and assure the reliable load capacity. As a result of the diameters difference in x-axis and y-axis, the ball receives a progressive pressure from the locking system to balance the tilting torque.

When the ball is oriented to find the preferred camera position, the gravity centre of the camera moves and produces a torque. In this specific locking system, even at large tilt angles, the ball head is still able to be locked quickly and firmly.

Friction System provides tension on the ball to hold the camera equipment after optimal adjustment, allows smooth movement, and prevents the camera from suddenly falling off when the main locking knob is loosened.

Sunwayfoto tripod ball head has a specific inner structure for vibration absorption. The lubrication also helps to absorb the vibration caused by a camera or a tripod.

Easy to operate with a single notch. Specific lightweight structure makes FB series ball head the lightest one among the same or similar ball diameters of other brands in the market. FB series ball head also performs outstandingly in terms of ball and base locking. FB series ball head is a superior must-have for travel photography.

Basic features:

  • Metal knobs for smoother operation and enhancement of reliability and durability
  • Top-notch design, tilts over the camera from horizontal to vertical position easily
  • Additional two spirit level mounting sets so that users could mount the removable spirit level to 3 sides of the clamp
  • Safety stop relief grooves design to make sure the camera equipment is secure
  • Improved spherical form to increase the resistance while the ball slides to the side and also to avoid the risk of making the ball suddenly slide down
  • Specialized design for panning base, smooth operation
  • Improved, lighter ball

The set contains:

  • Sunwayfoto FB-28i head
  • microfiber cloth
  • 1/4"-3/8" bushing
  • original packaging

Seller warranty:

  • 2 years