Battery pack Pixel Vertax E13 for Canon 6D

Battery pack Pixel Vertax dedicated to Canon 6D cameras.

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For cameras Canon

Vertax Battery Grip is the basic equipment of Canon 6D SLR camera. It provides great performance and high quality of work when shooting, and its simple but elegant shape makes it fits perfectly in your hand. Vertax Battery Grip ensures better camera performance, effectively extending shooting time. It can be powered by either two LP-E6 batteries or six AA / LR6 batteries. The shutter button is placed on the device in two places, so it is possible to take pictures both vertically and horizontally. In addition, it is equipped with functions such as: dial, AF switch and programmable function button. In its underside there is also a thread for attaching the camera to a tripod and a place for attaching the wrist strap.

Main functions:

  • camera mounting thread
  • omnidirectional selector
  • knob
  • AF-ON button
  • AE lock / FE lock button
  • M-Fn button
  • tripod mounting thread

The kit sold includes:

  • battery grip Pixel Vertax E13
  • LP-E6 battery case
  • cassette for 6 AA batteries
  • cassette case
  • original packaging

Consumer Guarantee:

  • 2 years