Quadralite czasza Deep Beauty Dish Silver 45cm

Quadralite Deep Beauty Dish Silver 45cm is a canopy that provides lighting with a contrasting character, but with a gentle cracking of chiaroscuro.

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Type silver
Mount Bowens
Dimensions in cm 45

Quadralite bowl Deep Beauty Dish silver 45cm is a bowl that allows for exceptional lighting with a contrasting character, but with a gentle cracking of chiaroscuro. This bowl is an indispensable tool for all photographers dealing with fashion, portrait and culinary photography.

Deep Beauty Dish is distinguished by a much deeper lamp mount, thanks to which it emits a more focused beam of light than a traditional Beauty Dish. This gives you better control over the light output and the photos are more contrasting.

Quadralite Deep Beauty Dish silver 45cm bowl is a light modifier, which due to its unique character is very often chosen by photographers specializing in advertising photography, especially portrait and fashion photography. Beauty Dish gives a perfect combination of expressive shadows and a soft border of chiaroscuro as in a softbox. This effect is achieved thanks to the use of a central deflector that does not allow direct light from falling on the photographed object. The interior of the canopy is covered with a silver screen, which further emphasizes the contrast.

Included with the dish is a textile diffuser that can be scattered and softened. Quadralite Beauty-Dish is equipped with a Bowens type bayonet, so it fits all Quadralite lamps and other brands that use this standard.

Product features:

  • gives characteristic lighting with sharp shadows and a soft chiaroscuro border
  • Honeycombs can be installed
  • supplied with a white textile diffuser
  • fully metal construction
  • equipped with a Bowens mount

Set contains:

  • Quadralite Deep Beauty Dish Silver 45cm
  • textile diffuser
  • original packaging

Seller Guarantee:

  • 2 years