Monitor 24" Eizo ColorEdge CS2410 + Lizenz ColorNavigator
      Monitor 24" Eizo ColorEdge CS2410 + Lizenz ColorNavigator

      Monitor 24" Eizo ColorEdge CS2410 + Lizenz ColorNavigator

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      Monitor mit der Hardware-Kalibrierungsfunktion und einem 24,1"-Bildschirm mit mehr als 100 % sRGB-Farbraumwiedergabe. Entwickelt für Amateure der digitalen Fotografie, Grafik, Webdesign und mehr.

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      Over 100% sRGB color space

      Able to reproduce over 100% sRGB color space, this monitor is perfect for web graphics and other sRGB-enabled digital content.

      Precise color management

      ColorNavigator 7 is the latest software for calibrating and quality control of ColorEdge graphics displays. It combines all the features of EIZO's previous color management software, ColorNavigator 6 and ColorNavigator NX, offering a new and improved solution for professionals in various creative industries. ColorNavigator 7 performs hardware calibration using the monitor's LUT table to achieve greater precision and smoother tonal transitions than software calibration.

      Quick Color Match

      Even if you have the right hardware, ensuring color consistency remains a tedious, time-consuming process that requires fine-tuning the settings of your monitor, retouching software, and printer. Quick Color Match software automatically adjusts the settings of all your devices to make the process of editing and printing your photos easier and faster. Simply drag and drop your selected image into the software window - Quick Color Match does the rest for you.

      Stable image display

      Individually adjust gamma curve for each monitor
      The gamma curve is adjusted for each individual ColorEdge Series monitor at the EIZO factory in Japan. This is done by measuring the gamma values for the RGB primary colors (red, green, blue) on a scale of 0-255, and then using the monitor's 16-bit LUT table to select the most matching hues.

      Uniform image across the entire surface

      LCD monitors often exhibit variations in jalx300w_en_feature_dues and chromaticity of the image in different parts of the screen. To prevent this, the CS2410 features EIZO DUE (Digital Uniformity Equalizer) technology, which compensates for these fluctuations to ensure a stable image display.

      Comfort and ease of use

      The ColorEdge CS2410 has an anti-glare IPS panel that provides excellent image visibility. The monitor also uses dimming technology to minimize image flicker and thus prevent eye fatigue.

      I/P conversion

      ColorEdge CX270 - IP conversionThe HDMI input supports I/P (interlace/progressive) conversion - this means that the interlace signal from TV and other video sources will be converted losslessly to progressive mode, guaranteeing excellent flicker-free image quality.

      Wide viewing angles

      Large-format monitors often exhibit color shift when viewed from the side. The CS2410 uses an IPS panel with 178° viewing angles, so several people can view the screen at the same time without noticeable color and contrast shifts.

      Wide Viewing Angles with IPS Panel

      An optional hood can be purchased for the monitor to prevent glare from the screen surface. The hood attaches magnetically, so installation is quick and easy.

      Practical stand

      The monitor has a stand that allows you to freely adjust the height of the screen, tilt and swivel it, and put it in portrait mode. It also has a convenient release mechanism that allows you to detach the screen from the stand with a single movement.

      Wide selection of signal inputs

      The monitor has HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI-D inputs. It also offers one USB Type-B and two USB Type-A ports for 10.5W charging power.

      High-quality guarantee

      The CS24105 comes with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty that covers all components, including the LCD panel*. The fact that EIZO products are made in EIZO's own factories allows for strict quality control and ensures the durability of each monitor.

      * Lifetime limited to 30,000 hours.

      Glowing pixel free screen

      Manufacturer guarantees zero dead pixels on ColorEdge models for six months from date of purchase.

      Kit includes:

      • Power cable
      • Signal cables (2m DisplayPort, 2m HDMI)
      • USB cable
      • installation manual
      • stand
      • Quick start guide
      • warranty card

      Distributor Warranty:

      • 5 years*

      * Lifetime limited to 30,000 hours..


      Monitor 24" Eizo ColorEdge CS2410 + Lizenz ColorNavigator

      2 499,00 zł
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