Trigger Pixel Soldier TF-373 SONY radio

Pixel Soldier radio trigger with flash grouping function. The set includes one transmitter and one receiver. The receiver also supports flash units from independent manufacturers.

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Series Soldier
Transmission type radio
For cameras Sony/Minolta
Application transmitter + receiver
Model TF-373 kit Sony

Pixel Soldier allows you to configure lamps in three groups (A, B and C) and trigger them in seven configurations (A, B, C, A+B, A+C, B+C, A+B+C). Pixel Soldier is available in four versions dedicated to the systems; Canon, Nikon, Sony and Olympus / Panasonic. They differ in the foot used (the correct foot is needed for proper operation of the lamp wake up from sleep mode). The Pixel Soldier system can be expanded with additional receivers, and thus with additional flash units, the maximum number of receivers is not specified. Full control gives the possibility of programming up to three lamp sections. In addition, Pixel Soldier has been equipped with a remote camera trigger function. Using it with two cameras allows you to take two shots from different angles at the same time.

Basic functions:

  • radio flash firing
  • system flash support
  • studio flash support
  • programming up to three groups of lamps in seven combinations
  • radio triggering the camera in slave mode
  • sync to 1 / 250s
  • excitation function

The set contains:

  • Pixel Soldier TF-373TX transmitter
  • odbiornik Pixel Soldier TF-373RX receiver
  • receiver mount
  • connection cable
  • hot shoe sledge cover
  • original packaging


  • 2 years