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    Godox WT40D Wodoodporna tuba świetlna 40 cm (5600K)
    Godox WT40D Wodoodporna tuba świetlna 40 cm (5600K)
    Godox WT40D Wodoodporna tuba świetlna 40 cm (5600K)
    Godox WT40D Wodoodporna tuba świetlna 40 cm (5600K)

    Godox WT40D Wodoodporna tuba świetlna 40 cm (5600K)

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    Designed to light up your underwater photo and video productions, the Dive Light Series combines consistent performance and easy handling. This versatile tube-shaped light has a depth rating of 40 meters and provides illumination from multiple angles.

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    40 meters deep

    Have you been desirous of learning more about the enigmatic underwater world, even longing for adventures to explore deeper? Take the WT series with you. Shaped in tube, it allows you to show creativity as on land. Capable of excellent water resistance, it performs as professionally even at 40m underwater. The beauty worth remembering is not just ahead, but below the water as well.


    High brightness

    While the sun can’t join your journey underwater, the WT series will. As the light is faint in water, the WT series switches to high power automatically when submerged, offering more brightness to you. The details of underwater creatures are well-seen, and color bias is well-addressed.


    Fearless of poor light

    Are these fireflies? No, it’s the button. In underwater conditions when light is scarce, the fluorescent button makes it easy to turn on/off, alter modes, change colors, and perform other actions.


    Dreamy images

    Enjoying a romantic atmosphere in the mysterious marine world with WT lights. Designed in tube, the lights produce a diffused and more even light for dreamy portrait photography, creating warm, welcoming and friendly images underwater at ease. Experiencing a fabulous adventure, capturing unforgettable moments.


    Every second counts

    Every second counts when taking underwater pictures and videos. The WT60R and WT60D provide you a standby time of up to 2 hours at their maximum brightness in underwater mode, optimizing the efficiency of your underwater photography and filmmaking when you are up against the clock. The power indicator, which shows the remaining time according to the power you are presently consuming helps you arrange the shooting schedule better. Available for quick charging, the WT25R, WT25D, WT40R, and WT40D save your charging time and make your job more productive.


    FX Mode

    With 13 different light effects in the Daylight version and 37 in the RGBWW version, it is simple to simulate a wide range of cool and joyful shooting scenes. When using lights not underwater, the Godox Light APP enables you to quickly change the brightness, color temperature, light effect, and other settings on your phone, providing an easier and more efficient creating process.


    In package:

    • Godox WT40D,
    • strap,
    • USB-C cable,
    • carry bag,
    • ball joint mount,
    • original packaging.

    Godox WT40D Wodoodporna tuba świetlna 40 cm (5600K)

    1 075,00 zł
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