Quadralite Reporter octa softbox

Multifunctional softbox dedicated for Quadralite Reporter flashes.

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Mount A mount
Dimensions in cm 48
Shape Octagon
Depth in cm 21
Model Octa

This octagonal softbox is designed especially for Quadralite Reporter flash system. It stands out with it's unique design which ensures high functionality. Multifunctional Octa Softbox is a simple and very useful tool for creating several versions of lighting. Reporter octa Softbox can act as a large reflector allowing a wide spread of light while shooting. Attaching the supplied central reflector transforms it into a textile beauty dish, which is ideal for portrait photography. You can also use it as an ordinary octagonal softbox just by attaching the white diffusing cloth.

The softbox is supplied with a textile grid which limits the light spread and allows for better control of the light beam. Reporter octa softbox is made of high quality materials which ensures an even light distribution and a correct color temperature. It is also very compact, lightweight (only 410g) and easy to use. The softbox can easily fit into your bag or backpack.

Main features:

  • unfolds like an umbrella for quick installation and portability
  • functions as a beauty dish with the included deflector
  • octagonal softbox produces soft and even illumination, as well as attractive catch lights in the eyes of the subject

In the box:

  • softbox
  • grid
  • reflector
  • original packaging

Seller warranty:

  • 2 years