Octadecagon Focus Softbox Para 120cm

Quadralite Octadecagon Focus Softbox Para is a series of modifiers that has a parabolic shape and the ability to quickly change the distance of the mounted light source from the center of the canopy. Thanks to this solution, it allows You to obtain different types of light from one modifier.

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Series Focus Softbox Para
Mount Bowens
Dimensions in cm 120
Shape octadecagon
Depth in cm 65
Model Cokin P216

The use of a focusing rod, which we can set the angle of incidence of light inside the softbox, allows for a very quick change of its type from contrasting to soft. It also allows for precise control over both solid and flash light.

The parabolic shape of the modifier allows you to obtain a characteristic light – soft and smooth tonal transitions along with beautiful contrast and ease of focusing. The curve presented in the graph represents the reflector, the axis of symmetry - this is the focusing rod on which the lamp is located.

The flash first dissipates on the reflective coating and then bounces outwards to reach the subject being photographed. The curvature of the canopy reflects the rays at different angles depending on the position of the lamp. When placed inside, the light forms a focused and narrow beam with high contrast. As it moves further, the reflected rays tend to scatter so the light becomes soft.

In the design of the Quadralite Octadecagon Focus Softbox Para softboxes, flexible bars mounted on the outer part of the modifier are used, thanks to which the front part is as close as possible to the wheel. Thanks to the easy click system, opening and locking each element has become much simpler and faster. To create the frame, materials were used that guarantee strength and resistance to deformation. Included with the softbox is the Bowens front mount. This allows you to mount the lamp so that it shines directly to the modifier. The arm with the holder on which the lamp is mounted is located on a movable frame that allows you to work with it as if with a boom. The use of an additional adapter allows you to mount the lamp in the rear part and use it as a classic softbox.

In the construction of Octadecagons, a mount for Bowens lamps was used. For the Elinchrome and Profoto systems, it is possible to connect thanks to an additional adapter (available separately).

The modifier is characterized by a unique design of the canopy. From the outside, black and red from the inside is lined with a special, silver reflective material that enhances the light of the lamp. Octadecagon also has space to pass the cables when the light source is inside.

Two diffusers are included with each kit. The inner one has an additional layer of material that helps to blur the direct flash of the burner in the central area. The outer one is mounted on Velcro at the edge of the modifier, this allows you to mount the grid (available separately).

What we will find in the set:

  • Octadecagon Focus Softbox Pair
  • dapter mounting arm
  • 155 mm front bowens adapter
  • internal and external diffuser
  • Weight
  • transport bag

Key features of the product:

  • parabolic canopy design
  • the ability to correct the distance of the light source from the center of the canopy
  • silver reflecting surface inside
  • two velcro-mounted diffusers
  • internal diffuser with amplification to eliminate direct torch light


  • Diameter: 120 cm
  • Depth: 65 cm
  • Possibility to mount a grid: YES
  • Mounting type: Bowens