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Macro Ring flash Delta DRF-14 for Sony

Delta DRF14 ring macro flash is designed for Sony cameras with hotshoe.

Full automatic flash exposure control by TTL like original Sony flashes.

Delta DRF-14 allows to discover world of macrophotography.

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322,77 zł

367,77 zł

-45,00 zł

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Sklep stacjonarny: Sprawdź dostępność
Kraków ul.Bonarka 11 tel 12 357-66-05
Gewicht 0.127
Leitzahl (m) 14
Zasilanie 4x AA
Czas ładowania od 0,3-6 sek.
Tryb błysku TTL
Temperatura barwowa K 5600k
Art des Schuhs Sony/Minolta

No more lack of light problems for correct exposure and depth of field. Ring flash is ideal for fauna, flora medical and scientific pictures.

Flash is mounted on the lens front thread for example like filter. Flash is for 52mm thread, but set includes adapters for 55mm, 58mm, 62mm and 67mm.


  • Guide number 14m/46ft
  • Automatic TTL flash exposure control
  • Recharge time 0,3-6 seconds
  • Number of pictures with 4xAA batteries: around 200
  • Flash exposure compensation control and auto exposure confirmation
  • Temperature 5600K
  • Weight 127g (without batteries)


 This flash has the Sony/Minolta iISO hotshoe.