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    MagMod MagGrip 2 flash modifier adapter
    MagMod MagGrip 2 flash modifier adapter
    MagMod MagGrip 2 flash modifier adapter
    MagMod MagGrip 2 flash modifier adapter
    MagMod MagGrip 2 flash modifier adapter
    MagMod MagGrip 2 flash modifier adapter

    MagMod MagGrip 2 flash modifier adapter

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    A magnetic adapter for on-camera flashes that lets you quickly attach any MagMod light modifier - diffuser, grid or color gel - quickly and effortlessly. Made of soft silicone, it is exceptionally lightweight and resistant to heavy use. Strong magnets embedded inside it hold accessories firmly in place while allowing them to be switched as fast as possible.

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    MagGrip 2 is a universal silicone adapter that allows you to instantly and easily attach and replace MagMod light modifiers as needed on any on-camera flash. Made of lightweight yet durable silicone, it takes up little space in a camera bag or backpack and doesn’t add much weight when attached to the flash. The adapter was designed for the updated MagMod magnetic accessory system. Unlike its predecessor, the MagGrip 2 can also be used with round-headed flash models.

    A photographer attaching the MagBounce 2 modifier to an on-camera flash with the MagGrip 2 on.

    Instant accessory attachment

    Forget Velcros and duct tape - the MagGrip 2 provides a radically faster and easier method of flash light modification. Attach it to your on-camera flash head and enjoy unlimited creative possibilities with MagMod accessories. Combine them together for truly unique effects and experiment with lighting to your heart's content!

    Truly versatile

    MagGrip 2 has been fully redesigned and optimized for new flash models. It can be used with any on-camera flash with a rectangular or round head.  Its silicone band provides a secure grip around it, while new, stronger magnets firmly hold the applied modifiers in place.

    MagGrip 2 used with classic and round-head on-camera hot shoe flash

    The definition of practicality

    The silicone used to create the adapter is not only extremely lightweight, but also durable. As a result, MagGrip 2 retains its flexibility for years of use, even when it is pushed to its limits. Use it for outdoor portrait, feature or even in studio photography - the possibilities of the MagMod system are almost endless.

    Modular accessory system

    The entire line of MagMod modifiers is designed for the best possible workflow. Their magnetic, modular design guarantees express replacement during a session, saving time spent in the studio or outdoors at the same time. These versatile accessories will guarantee precise control over the light of any hot shoe flash, regardless of its size or head shape.

    Attaching a magnetic color gel to a speedlite with MagGrip 2

    Key features

    • The core element of the MagMod system
    • Allows modifiers to be switched quickly & effortlessly
    • Versatile - works with classic & round-head flashes
    • Made of lightweight, durable silicone
    • Improved, secure magnets

    What's included?

    • MagMod MagGrip 2 flash modifier adapter
    • Original packaging

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