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FOMEX E1000 1000Ws studio flash

Fomex E is a series of compact, innovatively designed and technically advanced flashlight. Fomex E flashes stand out with variety of functions and improvements, which apply both for professionals and amateurs just beginning their adventure with studio lighting. Despite light construction Fomex lamps stand out with their esthetic design, compact and solid aluminum construction and are intuitive in operation. Fomex E flashes have been carefully tested to confirm quality and high reliabilty of each lamp.

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The lamp, despite its lighter construction, is distinguished by its aesthetic appearance, compact and solid aluminum casing and intuitive operation of the equipment. It has a universal Bowens mount and practical adjustment of the position of the tripod mount and a convenient handle for setting the lamp inclination, which allows you to better adjust the center of gravity of the device. Fomex E is distinguished by a strong modeling light with a strength of 250 W and a stable flash color temperature. Also new is the use of an extremely comfortable and legible digital LED display informing about flash energy. The flash energy adjustment range is 6 divisions of the aperture with an accuracy of 1/10 of the aperture.

The lamp has undergone detailed tests, which confirmed the quality and high reliability. Thanks to the use of high-quality Korean components and thoughtful solutions, the lamp has parameters and functions that until now were only offered in more expensive system lamps or professional studio lamps powered by a generator. The Fomex E lamp is a perfectly designed and reliable solution.

Main features:

  • Modelling light 250W
  • Convenient and clear LED display
  • Power control range is 6 f-stops accurate to 1/10 f-stop
  • Precise power output control with analog jog dial and digital display
  • Stable flash colour temperature of 5500K (±150K)
  • Bowens mount

In the box:

  • Fomex E1000
  • plastic flashtube cover
  • power cable
  • sync cable
  • 250W modelling bulb
  • manual
  • original packaging

Seller Guarantee:

  • 2 years (Flash tubes and bulbs are covered by a 3-month warranty)