Quantuum Up! 700 Kit
      Quantuum Up! 700 Kit
      Quantuum Up! 700 Kit
      Quantuum Up! 700 Kit
      Quantuum Up! 700 Kit

      Quantuum Up! 700 Kit

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      The most extensive package in the Quantuum Up series! It consists of three lamps: two Quantuum Up! 200 and one Quantuum Up! 300. A larger number of lamps allows you to diversify the light incident on the photographed object. The 60x60cm softbox and honeycomb and basic color filters are also important. Thanks to this selection of light modifiers, the Quantuum Up! 700 Kit is perfect for portrait and product sessions.

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      Quantuum Up! lamps 200 and 300 are light (1.5 and 1.8kg) and handy flash lamp. They are dedicated especially to amateurs who want to start their adventure in studio photography. They will also be useful to professionals as a supplement to their studio kit. Quantuum Up! 200 and 300 are characterized by wide photographic possibilities. Thanks to the Bowens type bayonet they can be used with a wide range of light modifiers produced by Quantuum and by other brands. Small size and low weight facilitate transport and operation of lamps in the studio. Flash output can be adjusted from 5.0 to 7.0 in 20 steps of 0.1 (4EV, 1/1 - 1/16). At minimum power, the flash duration is only 1 / 2000s, and the charging time is only 0.3s. Quantuum Up!

      The most important features of lamps Up! 200/300:

      • power adjustment in the range of 5.0 - 7.0 in 20 steps in 0.1 (1/16 - 1/1),
      • flash color temperature 5600K +/- 200K,
      • short charging time and smoothly regulated pilot light power,
      • photocell with TTL measuring pre-flash skip function, automatic discharge of the flash after reducing the flash energy,
      • wireless control option via the separately available Quantuum Navigator remote controller,
      • lightweight and compact housing with Bowens S type mounting.

      The kit sold includes:

      • two Quantuum Up! lamps 200
      • one Quantuum Up! lamp 300
      • three 200 cm tripods,
      • one 6 "canopy
      • one 7 "bowl
      • white transparent umbrella,
      • softbox 60x60 cm,
      • a door with a honeycomb and color filters,
      • three sync cable
      • three power cords,
      • three pilot bulbs,
      • three spare fuses,
      • original packaging

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      Quantuum Up! 700 Kit

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