Genesis Ursa L - Photo Bag

URSA  series  shoulder  bags  constitutes  a  new  offer  of  well  designed,  stylish,  high  quality  products  for those who value mobility and flexibility.

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External dimensions 45cm x 30cm x 17cm
Internal dimensions 33cm x 22cm x 15cm

URSA L bag is the most versatile and multifunctional in the series. It perfectly accommodates one DSLR body, two lenses and a number of other accessories. Bag excels in street photography and reportage.
Side pocket fits tablet and laptop up to 15".

Inner  reinforced  compartment  with  interchangeable  hook  &  loop  sections  allows  to  optimally  pack  up camera  body,  lenses  and  other  equipment.  There  are  also  inner  pockets  suitable  for  indispensable accessories, including filters, memory cards and cables. Specially designed spacious compartment will store laptop computer and tablet alike.
Upper  quick  access  zipper  guaranties  flexibility  and  freedom  of  movement.  When  you  need  to  quickly take your camera out or change the lens, you do not have to open the flap in order to capture
precious moments.

Thanks to  modern  hydrophobic  fabric  and  water  resistant  zippers,  URSA  protects  its  contents  against unfriendly weather conditions. For extreme weather conditions there are additional, dedicated raincoats.
Flap  clips  are  locked  using  neodymium  magnets  which  allow  quick  and  comfortable  access  as compared to older solutions.

Even though URSA bags are dedicated for photo equipment, they are easily adaptable for everyday use.
With  their  modern  design,  they  may  be  used  as  fashionable  city  bags  –  just  pull  out  the  internal, reinforced compartment.

Most important features:
•external pocket on the flap
•external pocket on the hip side
•water resistant zippers
•two easy access pockets on the sides
•removable internal compartment
•laptop compartment (up to 15')
•top handle
•adjustable strap, metal clips
•upper quick access type zipper
•magnetic clip lock
•hydrophobic fabric

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