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Godox WB1200H High-Capacity Battery for AD1200 Pro

Godox WB1200H 36V, 5200mAh High-Capacity Battery for Godox AD1200PRO is for the AD1200 Pro strobe system.

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Application Godox
Model WB1200H

WB1200HThe rechargeable and interchangeable high capacity 5.2Ah 36V Lithium energy pack frees the serious shooter to illuminate with the dynamic and commanding Godox AD1200Pro anywhere, touting a long-lasting 187-watt hour reserve master uptime.


VersatileThe C1200P Battery Charger for the Godox AD1200Pro recharges the Lithium-ion battery packs designed for use anywhere. The charger operates on 100-240VAC worldwide usage, and is compatible for use with both varieties of the Lithium cells available, 2.6Ah or standard 5.2Ah high-capacity battery packs.



  • High-Capacity Battery for AD1200PRO
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Capacity: Approx 36V, 5200mAh
  • LED Capacity Indicator
  • Weight: 1,28kg

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Godox WB1200 High_Capacity Battery
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