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Quadralite Beauty Dish White 70 Reflector

Quadralite Beauty Dish White 70cm generates exceptional lighting with contrastive features and discreet outline of lights and shadows. This reflector is an indispensable tool for all photographers shooting fashion, portrait and culinary photos.

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315,00 zł

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Sklep stacjonarny: Sprawdź dostępność
Kraków ul.Bonarka 11 tel 12 357-66-05
Type white
Mount Bowens
Dimensions in cm 70

Quadralite Beauty Dish White 42cm is a popular and unique light modifier that is first choice accessory for photographers specializing in advertisement photography, and even more so in portrait and fashion shooting. Beauty Dish gives a perfect combination of clear shades and soft border between light and shadows, like in softbox. Final effect can be obtained owing to a central deflector allowing to aim the lamp's light directly onto a photo subject. Internal part of the reflector is covered with a white screen which makes the light more subtle while contrasts softer in comparison to a silver reflector.

The kit contains a textile diffuser to disperse and soften the light. Quadralite BeautyDish is equipped with a Bowens-type bayonet and may be attached to all lamps manufactured by Quadralite and other producers manufacturing according to this standard.

The most important features:

  • Generates characteristic lighting with clear sades and soft border between light and shadows.
  • Option to mount honeycombs.
  • Delivered with white, textile diffuser.
  • Full metal construction.
  • Fitted with Bowens-type mounting.

Kit includes:

  • Quadralite Beauty Dish White 70cm
  • fabric diffuser
  • original packaging

Seller warranty::

  • 2 years