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Fomex DR18 18cm reflector

A reflector with the diameter of 18cm and the Bowens type mount. Made of the highest quality material covered with silver paint to ensure the proper light dispersion.

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This standard 18cm reflector produces light with strong and contrastive features. The product may be used with honeycomb grids. The 18cm reflector is a basic tool which allows the effective use of a flash. The reflector gives a wide light distribution angle. May be used independently or in combination with other light modifiers. A ring on the end of the reflector makes it possible to attach honeycomb grids for more precise light control. Perfect for outdoors and studio purposes, may be used as the source of main, additional or effect lighting. The internal part is finished with a silver screen which prevents light loss and ensures large contrast of generated illumination. Fomex DR18 is equipped with a Bowens-type bayonet and may be attached to all lamps manufactured by Fomex and other producers using this standard.

Main features:
  • Can be used together with grids
  • Produces contrasty light with fine shadows and strong highlights
  • Can be used as a key, fill or back light
  • Light and durable all metal construction
  • Bowens type mount
In the box:
  • Fomex DR18 reflector
  • original packaging
Seller warranty:
  • 2 years