Quadralite LED Light Bulb 20W E27

Quadralite LED Light Bulb 20W is light bulb using the LED technology to ensure high quality lighting (CRI>92). It may be used successfully in both photographic and film sets. You can also use those lamps at home and in professional sdutios.

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Due to the fact that it is equipped with commonly used E27 mounts, it is suitable for use in all kinds of studio luminaires and lamps. Because the colour temperature of the light bulb is matched to the daylight, it can be easily combined with the light coming from the window. In such situations, it will fir perfectly as a fill light with the same gradient.

The bulb is free from the flickering effect, so it can be used to lighten video plans – also with using the slow-motion effect. Wide viewing angle means that the film set will be illuminated evenly. The bulb can be used together with umbrellas and softboxes due to the low temperature reached during production, which protects against the risk of fire.

Warning! Due to the large body size, the bulb may not match every lighting fixture on the market! The bulb is not designed to work with dimmers.

Main features:

  • is an ideal source for home photography and film making
  • equipped with LEDs with a total power of 20W (equivalent to approx. 160 W halogen lamp)
  • produces light with a high colour rendering index CRI> 92 (TLCI ≥93) guaranteeing very good colour reproduction
  • its colour temperature is adjusted to the daylight (5500K ± 100K)
  • provides a wide beam of light (180 °)
  • Flicker-free
  • is extremely easy to use
  • equipped with E27 mount
  • passively cooled (noiseless operation)

In the box:

  • LED 20W E27 light bulb
  • Original packaging

Consumer warranty:

  • 3 months
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