Drain hose with interval pixel TC-252 S2 for Sony Multi Terminal

Pixel TC-252 is a wired drain hose with a built-in intervalometer and the ability to replace the connecting cables.

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Pixel TC-252 allows you to remotely trigger the camera and plan a series of photos using the built-in intervalometer. It performs the functions of 2 devices: a drain hose and an intervalometer.

The trigger supports the following modes:

  • single photo
  • continuous shooting,
  • [BULB] mode (you can precisely define the exposure time in [BULB] mode)
  • Interval

The start delay of the series can be set in the range of 0s to 99h59m59s with accuracy of one second, exposure time in the range of 0s to 99h59m59s with accuracy of one second, intervals in the range of 1s to 99h59m59s with accuracy of one second and the number of photos in the range from 1 to 99, or without restrictions.

Compatible cameras: DSC-HX300, DSC-HX50V, DSC-RX100M2, NEX-3NL, SLT-A58, DSC-RX100 IV, NEX-3NL, Alpha a7, Alpha a7R, Alpha a7S, Alpha a7II, Alpha a7RII, Alpha a7SII, Alpha A5000, Alpha A5100, Alpha A6000, Alpha A3000, HDR-CX220, HDR-CX230, HDR-CX290, HDR-CX380, HDR-CX430V, HDR-PJ230, HDR-PJ380, HDR-PJ430V, HDR-PJ650V, HDR-PJ790V.

Main features:

  • Allows you to shoot at long exposures without moving the camera
  • It has extensive functions and is used, among others when taking night photos, astronomical photography, when preparing multimedia presentations (Flash animations), close-up photography, macro photography
  • Allows for wired camera triggering while setting the shutter speed using the built-in intervalometer
  • The readable LCD display informs about the programmer's settings and status, and is also characterized by low energy consumption
  • Equipped with a two-stage button, when pressed, starts the measurement of light and autofocus, when pressed completely, it starts the shutter
  • Works with various brands / models of cameras, thanks to the possibility of replacing the connecting cable with the camera

The kit includes:

  • intervalometr Pixel TC-252 S2
  • camera connecting cable
  • 2x AAA battery
  • original packaging

Consumer Guarantee:

  • 2 years


For cameras Sony
Transmission type cable
Application remote trigger
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