MeiKe RC-6 for Sony RC-1000
      MeiKe RC-6 for Sony RC-1000
      MeiKe RC-6 for Sony RC-1000
      MeiKe RC-6 for Sony RC-1000
      MeiKe RC-6 for Sony RC-1000

      MeiKe RC-6 for Sony RC-1000

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      The MeiKe RC-6 is a radio trigger hose. The kit works on radio waves, the remote control does not need to "see" the camera, which allows you to shoot through obstacles or walls. It also gives the photographer a lot of opportunities, for example, allows you to take pictures from a hidden location. It is perfect for long exposure shooting: astrophotography, night shots and macro photography. The kit is connected to the camera just like a classic, wired release cable. The maximum range of the transmitter is up to 100 meters.

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      The set has five modes of operation:

      • single shot - using the remote control unit triggers the shutter once.
      • Photos with a 3 second delay - the camera does not need such a function, the delay is realized by the set, triggering the shutter with a delay of 3 seconds. To take pictures in this mode, move the mode switch on the transmitter to the lower position.
      • Continuous shooting - the camera must have a continuous shooting mode and it must be turned on. Using the remote control will take a series of pictures.
      • BULB mode (long exposure) - the camera must have BULB mode. Single pressing and holding the trigger for 3 seconds opens the shutter and pressing it again closes it.
      • Trigger Snakes - the receiver works like a trigger snakes, it does not require battery power. Pressing the button halfway allows you to set the focus and pressing it harder triggers the shutter. In this mode you can also use B timing if your camera is equipped with it..

      Device parameters:

      • range: up to 100 m in an open area
      • 16 000 000 code combinations - frequency: 433 MHz, triggering several cameras from one remote control or operating in
      • the vicinity of other such devices.
      • information LEDs (green - autofocus setting, red - shutter release)
      • receiver dimensions: 5.5 cm x 3.5 cm 3 cm (length x width x thickness)
      • transmitter dimensions: 7.5 cm x 2.5 cm x 1.5 cm (length x width x thickness)
      • the length of the extendable antenna is 4 cm
      • length of the cable connecting the receiver with the camera: 100 cm (extendable twisted pair)
      • Power supply batteries included (CR2 3V - receiver, 23AE 12V - transmitter), operating life approx. 3 years or 20 000 cycles

      Set includes:

      • The receiver is connected to the camera like a normal, wired release cable powered by a CR2 3V battery.
      • The radio transmitter is powered by a 23a 12v battery (such as used in car remote controls)

      Consumer warranty:

      • 2 years

      Data sheet

      Transmission type
      For cameras
      remote trigger
      Sony RC-1000

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