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Cokin A121 filter size S half gray ND8

Cokin A121 is a G2 ND8 half filter with a hard color transition to the Cokin A system (size S). Size S is the smallest series of Cokin filters designed for compact cameras.

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Effect połówkowy
Series Cokin A
Filter size size S
Filter density ND8
Type of filter effect
Model Cokin A121
The Cokin A121 filter darkens part of the image by 3 divisions of the aperture (ND8). The filter has a harder color transition than its softer counterpart (A121S). It is used most often when we want to align exposure or highlight some part of the frame. Cokin filters are mounted using a holder (holder), which is attached to replaceable mounting adapters, with diameters that can be adapted to your lens. System A (size S) is recommended for use with compact cameras with lens filters or amateur video cameras.

Basic filter features:
  • suitable for Cokin A system (size S)
  • light loss: 3 aperture divisions
  • Cokin reference number: 121
The kit sold includes:
  • Cokin A121 filter
  • original packaging
Seller warranty:
  • 2 years