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    Genesis Navigator COMBO
    Genesis Navigator COMBO
    Genesis Navigator COMBO
    Genesis Navigator COMBO
    Genesis Navigator COMBO

    Genesis Navigator COMBO

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    Genesis Navigator Combo is a set of radio triggering and control of Quadralite and Godox studio flashes as well as Quadralite Stroboss 60 and Godox TT685 flashlights.

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    Genesis Navigator Combo uses radio waves (433 MHz) and enables operation on one of 16 channels. In practice, this allows you to operate one or more lamps simultaneously, even at a distance of several dozen meters, without any obstacles or interference.

    Genesis Navigator Combo provides the ability to divide the lamps into groups (up to 16 groups) and to remotely adjust the flash output and trigger a test flash. The fastest shutter speed at which the Stroboss Navigator can be used is 1 / 250s.

    The transmitter of the Stroboss Navigator system uses a standard ISO shoe. It can be used with cameras equipped with this type of socket (SLRs, mirrorless cameras and compacts: Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Fujifilm, Sony, and others).

    The transmitter has a small LCD screen on which the flash flash parameters are displayed, informing about the currently set parameters. The Genesis Stroboss Navigator set consists of a transmitter powered by two AA 1.5V batteries and two receivers, respectively, for controling lamps and studio lamps.

    Product highlights:

    • adjustable flash power with the option to turn it off
    • flash synchronization with shutter up to 1 / 250s
    • test flash firing
    • possibility of independent control of up to 16 groups of lamps
    • interference-free operation thanks to 16 available radio channels
    • working range in the open area up to 50 meters
    • backlit LCD screen informing about the current lamp settings
    • receivers do not require their own power supply.

    The kit consist of:

    • Genesis Navigator transmitter
    • Genesis Stroboss Navigator receiver
    • Quadralites receiver
    • original packaging
    Genesis Gear

    Data sheet

    Transmission type
    For cameras
    transmitter + receiver
    Stroboss Navigator

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