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Pixel Pawn TF-364 for Olympus / Panasonic - radio release for lamps

Pixel Pawn is a basic trigger that lets you trigger both lamps and cameras.

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149,00 zł

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Kraków ul.Bonarka 11 tel 12 357-66-05
Series Pawn
Transmission type radio
For cameras MFT Olympus/Panasonic
Application transmitter + receiver
Model TF-364 kit MFT

This device is designed for radio flash firing, it can also work as a radio trigger for camera shutter release.

It is worth noting that the PAWN system transmitter can work with any number of receivers, so we can conveniently control a larger number of lamps without the need for photocells. It is a useful solution especially when working outdoors, when sunlight significantly reduces the functionality of photocells.

Main functions:

  • 2.4 GHz operating frequency and 16 channel support
  • Speed ââof synchronization with the flash: 1/250s
  • The flash can be fired by the hot shoe
  • Through the Pawn device you can control the system flash and studio lighting
  • Option to release the camera shutter
  • PAWN has the ability to control several cameras to take pictures at the same time on several cameras
  • The maximum distance that allows you to operate the device is about 80 meters
  • Ultra low power consumption, transmitter can work about 2 years, receiver about 300 hours
  • Low device voltage allows you to use rechargeable batteries

The set contains:

  • Pixel Pawn TX transmitter
  • Pixel Pawn RX receiver
  • 2.5mm jack cable - 3.5mm jack
  • 2.5mm jack cable - 6.35mm jack
  • 2.5mm jack cable - RM-UC1
  • 2.5mm jack cable - RM-CB1
  • 2.5mm jack cable - DMW-RS1
  • hot-shoe
  • case
  • original packaging


  • 2 years