Quadralite Pulse 1200 Product Photography Kit

Set of Quadralite lamps and accessories for product photography.

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Quadralite Pulse 1200 Product Photography Kit is a set consisting of two 600 Ws Quadralite Pulse lamps, which allows efficient and quick taking of effective product photos. Rectangular 40x80 cm softboxes are the optimal choice for the vast majority of tasks and can be expanded with honeycombs (available separately). The solid and equipped with Air shock absorbers Air 260 stands are a good base for lamps and will be used in the studio for many years. Quadralite Pulse 1200 Product Photography Kit also includes a set of Quadralite Navigator radio triggers, with which you can trigger a flash and remotely control its energy.

Set contains:

  • 2x Quadralite Pulse 600
  • 2x Quadralite AIR260 studio tripod
  • 2x Quadralite Softbox 40x80cm
  • Quadralite Navigator Kit (transmitter, receiver set)
  • Quadralite Navigator additional receiver
  • Original packaging

Seller Guarantee:

  • 2 years (Flash tubes and bulbs are covered by a 3-month warranty)