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Quadralite Up! 700 Kit

Quantuum Up! 700 Kit has been designed for amateurs and photographers who are looking for exeptional value for money. Kit includes two Quantuum Up! 200 lamps and one Up! 300 with stands, photographic umbrella, umbrella-softbox and 60x60 cm softbox to help better control the light. This kit creates very easy to use and effective set of three lights. Perfect for portrait shots and wedding sessions.

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Maximum power (Ws) 700
Model Quadralite Up! 700 Kit

This is the most advanced package in the series of Quantuum Up! Kits. It comprises three flash lights: two Quantuum Up! 200 and one Quantuum Up! 300. With the larger number of flashes you can easily diversify the quality of light falling on the photographed subject. More importantly, you will be also able to use the 60x60cm softbox and barn door with a grid and colour filters. Owing to such selection of light modifiers, Quantuum Up! 700 Kit is an ideal solution for portrait and product sessions.

Quantuum Up! lights are light and handy flashes provided in two versions: 200 and 300 Ws. They have been designed mainly for photography enthusiasts willing to embark on a new adventure in studio photography. They will also come come in handy for professionals using more advanced studio equipment. Quantuum Up! provide a wide range of photographic options. Owing to a built in Bowens S bayonet, the flashes may be used with a full range of Quantuum light modifiers. Compact sizes and low weight facilitate operation of flashes in studio environment. Flash output may be adjusted within the range of 5.0 to 7.0 in 20 steps, at 0.1 increments (4EV, 1/1 – 1/16). With the minimum output, the flash duration is only 1/2000s, while charging time equals only 0.3s. Quantuum Up! flashes are fully compatible with Quantuum Navigator remote control system.

Main features:

  • power control in the range of 5.0 to 7.0 in 20 steps, at 0.1 increments (1/16 – 1/1)
  • colour temperature of the flash 5600K +/-200K
  • short charging times and smoothly adjustable output of the control light
  • slave cell with TTL pre-flash avoiding feature
  • wireless control option through a separate remote control Quantuum Navigator
  • light and compact housing with the Bowens S mount

In the box:

  • 2x Quantuum Up! 200 flash
  • 1x Quantuum Up! 300 flash
  • 3x 200 cm studio tripod
  • 1x white transparent umbrella
  • 1x 60x60 softbox
  • 1x barn doors with grid and colour filters
  • 1x 6” reflector
  • 1x 7” reflector
  • original packaging

Seller warranty:

  • 2 years (Flash tube and bulbs are covered by a 3-month warranty)