Godox AD300 PRO TTL Kit
      Godox AD300 PRO TTL Kit
      Godox AD300 PRO TTL Kit
      Godox AD300 PRO TTL Kit
      Godox AD300 PRO TTL Kit

      Godox AD300 PRO TTL Kit

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      Godox AD 300Pro Dual Flashes is a set that has basic lighting and accessories included in the backpack, which is ideal for shooting in outdoor.

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      CB20 BackpackThe backpack has a reflective strip for enhanced visibility when walking at night. The exterior of the backpack is made of lightweight and smooth nylon fabric, wear-resistance and waterproof. The inner layer adopts a firm polyester lining with honeycomb texture. Full perimeter zippers give you access from all sides; With structure reinforced handle and strap to give you more comfort; Removable waist strap to stabilize your load and with a safety whistle for personal security.


      FunctionalityFront compartment for a max 15-inch laptop; With side pockets to carry a small light stand a small softbox; with 4 lid pockets and a bottom mesh pocket to add extra storage and organizational capability.


      Double the powerThe kit includes two well known Godox AD300 PRO flashes. It is a complete tool that is characterized by an efficient battery, wireless remote control and the possibility of using a wide range of light modifiers.


      StabilityThe distinguishing feature of the AD300 Pro is very high stability and repeatability in the entire range of flash energy regulation. It is characterized by a flash color temperature of 5600K + -200K. In a situation where high precision of the color temperature is required, the user can activate the Color Mode.


      Godox MountThe lamp is equipped with a Godox Mount, thanks to which we can mount many light and compact modifiers such as softboxes, dishes, snoots. There is also the possibility of buying adapters and the use of modifiers with a different mount (Bowens, Elinchrom, Profoto, Broncolor).


      SoftboxWe put a dedicated Godox AD-S60S softbox with silver interior finish and parabolic reflecting shape to delive indirect lighting and create distinct contrasts. The softbox has native Godox mount to snap onto the AD300Pro in no time, comes with twolevels of diffusion to create degrees to increased softness, includes grids for extra beam directing, ang together with zippered slot for cables and cord placement on the side.


      UmbrellasIt is equipped with two universal umbrellas UBL-085S/T with a diameter of 85 cm. One with a silver interior (UBL-085S) and a transparent one (UBL085T). Both umbrellas have a suitable diffuser cover.

      The set contains:

      • 2x AD300Pro Flash
      • 1x CB20 Backpack
      • 2x Battery
      • 2x Wall Plug
      • 2x Battery Charger
      • 1x AD-S60S Softbox with diffusers and grids 
      • 1x UBL-085T Umbrella with black diffuser cover 
      • 1x UBL-085S Umbrella with transparemt diffuser cover

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