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Quadralite Honeycomb grid for 80x120cm softbox

Textile honeycomb (Grid) for the 120x80cm Quadralite softbox. An irreplaceable light modifier in every photo studio.

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Kraków ul.Bonarka 11 tel 12 357-66-05
Dimensions in cm 80x120

The honeycomb narrows the beam of light, causing only a small loss. It is used in situations when we want to illuminate the center more strongly and darken the edges of the illuminated area. It is mainly used on lamps that give "counter" light and to highlight a selected part of the stage. It can also be used to subtly draw attention to an object, texture or color in a photographed scene. It also helps to achieve the intended atmosphere or moody atmosphere of the stage. Fastened with Velcro to the inner edge of the softbox.

Basic features:

  • high quality material
  • mesh density: 6x6cm
  • mesh depth 3cm
  • size: 120x80cm
  • Velcro for easy attachment to the softbox

Set contains:

  • Quadralite Honeycomb (grid) for 80x120cm softbox
  • original packaging

Seller Guarantee :

  • 2 years