Genesis Base MH-20 monopod video head

MH-20 is a monopod tilt head with an additional long handle, helpful when shooting videos. The head allows tilting by up to 90°. It has no rotation capability, but that can be taken care of by rotating the entire monopod. Alternatively, the head can be mounted on a rotating arca-style clamp thanks to the dovetail located at the bottom.

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Ballhead load capacity 5kg
Stative mounting thread 3/8"

It can also be mounted on 3/8" or 1/4" (with adapter) threads. The head's clamp is compatible with Arca-Swiss plates and features a spirit level. One quick release plate is included. The head weighs 330g and has a load capacity of 15kg.

The set contains:

  • MH-20 Head
  • quick release plate
  • long handle
  • four 1/4"-3/8" adapters (three screwed into the head)
  • adapter unscrewing tool
  • allen key
  • carrying case
  • original packaging

Consumer warranty:

  • 6 years