Flash gun DMF-880 + macro ring lamp for Sony

A set of dedicated flash units for analog and digital cameras, working in the TTL system

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Equipped set of two lamps with 2 extention tubes with a choice of side flash which allows you to get much more artistic lighting. The use of the lamp allows to receive much greater depth of field because you can close the lens much more darker. It has a 72mm diameter mount, but it can also be used with lenses with diameter of 52, 55, 58, 62, 67 and 77mm after using filter reduction.

Main features:

1. Tumax DMF 880 flash gun for attaching to the camera foot. While working with appropriate macro lamp, the base part can be turned off or can still work together normally with the macro lamp and be an additional light source. However, after disconnecting the macro lamp, the base part works like a regular flash working in the TTL system.

2. Two-flash tubes macro for attaching to the lens, equipped with an additional 2 diodes to make the operation of the AF system easier. The lamp has the ability of freely switch to weather the right, left or both flash tubes should work.

Set contains:

  • Tumax DMF-880 flash gun
  • Tumax DMR macro ring lamp
  • 72mm reduction ring

Consumer warranty:

  • 2 years

Flash Guns

Type of shoe Sony
Guide number 14 x2
Temperatura barwowa 5600k
Wyzwalanie gorąca stopka, przycisk "test"
Tryb błysku TTL
Sterowanie mocą TTL
Odchylenie głowicy w pionie 0° - 90°
Odchylenie głowicy w poziomie Nie
Wyświetlacz No
Zasilanie 4x AA
Size (mm) 125x120x32 ring / 72x85x110 lamp
Weight (kg) 0.17 ring / 0.25 lamp without battery

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