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Quadralite Stroboss 60evo N

Stroboss 60evo N is a compact reporter speedlite with the guide number of 60m and an integrated Navigator X radio control system. Flash is powered by dedicated Li-Ion battery and can trigger up to 650 full-power flashes per one battery charge.

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Series STROBOSS 60
Size (mm) 64x76x190
Weight (kg) 0.53
Guide number (m) 60
Vertical tilt -7° do 90°
Horizontal tilt 0° - 330°
Power supply battery
Power Efficiency min. 650 full flashes
Maximum charging time (seconds) 1.5
Flash duration 1/300 - 1/20000 s
Triggering stopka, test, system X
Power control TTL, system X, from lamps level
Triggering options TTL / Multi / M / S1 / S2 /Master / Slave
Stroboscopic flash yes
Display yes
Groups/Channels 3/32
Colour Temperature (K) 5600k
Type of shoe Nikon
HSS yes
Zoom 20-200
Model Stroboss 60 EVO Nikon

The flash may work with Nikon i-TTL automatic flash metering systems. As a result, it can be easily used in automatic and semi-automatic shooting modes. Moreover, it allows for fully manual control over the flash output and zoom.

Stroboss 60evo stands out with an integrated transmitter/receiver of the wireless flash control and triggering system. It operates at the radio frequency of 2.4 GHz and ensures effective range of communication of up to 100 meters. As a result, Stroboss 60evo can be used both as MASTER and SLAVE flash in the Quadralite Navigator X system. Plus, it may be used as a part of the wireless flash control and triggering systems: Nikon Creative Lightning System.

Quadralite Stroboss 60evo flash works best with Quadralite Navigator X radio transceiver which allows wireless control and triggering including High-Speed Sync and Multi modes*.

The flash is powered through a specially designed Li-Ion 2000mAh battery. This unique solution will let you forget about onerous AA replaceable and standard batteries that are  used to power other reporter flashes. With Stroboss 60evo you will be able to trigger 650 full-power flashes per one battery charge.

You can use the charger sold with the flash to check the battery power and enjoy short charging time. Discharged battery will be fully charged within 3 hours. Aside from the standard charger included in the kit, you can also buy a separate charger which may be connected to the car lighter socket.

Key Product Features:

  • Compatibility with Nikon i-TTL cameras (flash exposure compensation, synchro with high shutter speeds HSS, flash bracketing, flash exposure lock, front and rear shutter synchro)*.
  • Integrated radio transmitter and receiver (2.4GHz) of the Quadralite Navigator X remote control and triggering system (the flash can work in MASTER and SLAVE modes).
  • Triggering through a photocell or via Jack2.5mm connection.
  • Large flash output (GN 60) and stable color temperature (5600 K ± 200 K).
  • Full control over the flash output in the manual mode (adjustment from 1/1 to 1/128 at 1/3EV steps).
  • Flexible flash head (horizontal tilt from 0° to 360° and vertical tilt from -7° to 90°).
  • 20-200 mm zoom and a built-in panel with the dispersing capacity to 14mm.
  • Power supplied through the Li-Ion 2000mAh battery, up to 650 full-power flashes,
  • short charging times (<1.5s at full power),
  • Firmware update through USB.

Kit includes:

  • Stroboss 60evo N flash
  • stand
  • bag
  • VB-18 battery
  • VC-18 charger and the power cable


  • 2 years