Godox Ving V350 Hot Shoe Flash for Fuji
      Godox Ving V350 Hot Shoe Flash for Fuji
      Godox Ving V350 Hot Shoe Flash for Fuji
      Godox Ving V350 Hot Shoe Flash for Fuji
      Godox Ving V350 Hot Shoe Flash for Fuji
      Godox Ving V350 Hot Shoe Flash for Fuji

      Godox Ving V350 Hot Shoe Flash for Fuji

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      Dedicated flash for digital cameras, working in TTL system with vertical and horizontal tilting torch, 24-105 zoom, AF support, multiflash, HSS. The lamp has a built-in Navigator X wireless transmitter / receiver.

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      Flash gun Godox V350 is a small and light flash gun with a guide number of 36 that fits perfectly with mirrorless and compact cameras. It weighs only 200g and when mounted on the camera and pointing the head forwards it reaches maximum hight of 95mm. Despite its small size, its flash head rotates 270º horizontally and 97º vertically. This allows to receive a lot of freedom in reflecting the flash light from the ceiling and walls regardless of the camera's orientation of pictures in the portrait and horizontal frames.

      The lamp has built-in transmitter with Godox X system which can be used as a controller (Master) with other lamps which also support Godox X system. It is possible to switch it into the Slave mode, which can be controlled remotely from other Godox X transmitter.

      Flash gun Godox V350 is equipped with three modes of operation. The first of them (TTL) allows you to shoot with the use of automatic selection of flash light power and work with all the automatic and semi-automatic modes available in cameras. The second option is manual mode with S1 and S2 mode selection. The third mode - strobe (Multi) is great for taking effective photos at longer exposure times.

      Flash gun Godox V350 offers the ability to sync flash with ultra-fast shutter speeds up to 1 / 8000s ( HSS ). This option is especially appreciated by people who want to use the lamp during outdoor sessions, where very often you have to face intense ambient light.

      A built-in zoom with manual and automatic mode works in the range of 24 - 105mm. If you need to illuminate a wider plan, you can use the wide-angle diffuser built into the head, which corresponds to a focal length of ~ 15mm. In addition, the set comes with an extra light softening cover ( which will be useful, e.g. when taking pictures with the torch pointing straight ahead.), a lamp which is equipped with a reflector and set is completed with a stand.

      Godox V350 is the latest version of the very popular Godox TT350. The lamp retains all the advantages of its prodecessor while adding only few tweaks to the lamp such as a new power supply (for faster charging and performance increase) and a micro USB connector (for firmware update).

      The battery compartment has a micro USB connector, which is used to update the firmware of the lamp.

      Set contains:

      • Godox Ving V350 flash
      • Mini stand
      • Protective case
      • Diffuser
      • Li-ion battery pack
      • Charger
      • Original packaging

      Seller warranty:

      • 2 years

      Data sheet

      Size (mm)
      Weight (kg)
      Guide number (m)
      Vertical tilt
      -7° do 90°
      Horizontal tilt
      Power supply
      battery VB20 included
      Power Efficiency
      min. 500 full flashes
      Maximum charging time (seconds)
      Flash duration
      1/350 - 1/20000 s
      hot shoe, test button, system X
      Power control
      TTL, system X, from lamps level
      Triggering options
      TTL / Multi / M / S1 / S2 /Master / Slave
      Stroboscopic flash
      Colour Temperature (K)
      Type of shoe
      battery, charger, foot stand, diffuser

      Godox Ving V350 Hot Shoe Flash for Fuji

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