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Godox SL-100D video light

Godox LED SL-100D is the perfect lamp for You Tubers , short advertisements, etc.

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795,00 zł

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Featuring high efficiency and reliable performance, SL100 can be the only lights you need for a quck-rig studio on a budget solution, solving all your needs for either personal content creating or commercial production.


To use it as a key light for YouTube video, short commercial, or even slow motion shooting where abundant light is needed, you can get what you expect from SL100.


How the light reflects describes a light's quality. Superior lights reproduce accurate colours and thus illuminate your scene in a natural way. SL100 scores over 96 on CRI and 97 on TLCI, making it so that everything bathed under this light is a true-to-life show.


SL100D pursues the extreme balance between power and space.The compact light body provides the flexibility to be used in small studios or home shooting environment. Weighing 1.6 kg each they are burden less to be transported.


The SL100D functions can be adjusted on the rear panel, with a smartphone using the Godox App, or with an optional wireless remote (not included).


Built-in umbrella mount and Bowens mount for compatibility with a wide variety of light modifiers.


Set contains:

  • SL100D lamp
  • Reflector
  • Power cord
  • Front cap
  • Original packaging