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Godox TL60 Tube Light RGB 2700-6500K

A new addition to Godox tube light family, TL30. Featuring tube shape in light weight, it is portable and easy to use. Small as it is, great potentials to expect. 

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415,00 zł

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Sklep stacjonarny: Sprawdź dostępność
Kraków ul.Bonarka 11 tel 12 357-66-05
Power supply USB-C
Power control smooth from the lamp level
Colour Temperature (K) 2700-6500
Model TL30
Color temperature adjustable

TL30Tons of colors in control for dynamic content creating. Accessories like various couplers, waterproof bag, grid inspire extensive possibilities for the form, effect and even applicable environment of this light. You will enjoy the infinity that TL30 could be to enrich every shot.


Convenience TL30 weighs about 2 smartphones that you could barely feel it in bag, while tube shape saves the trouble for space taking. As on location or travelling studios, work with such portable light will be a liberating experience you have never had before.


Fit AnywhereWith embedded magnet, just a metal surface is where TL30 can be attached. Screw hole at both ends for you to mount it on a stand. More convenience comes with it being freely placed in corner, again wall, or any narrow space for illumination. Almost fit anywhere, TL30 gets you the flexibility you want for shooting any place.


A Color Library to Rely OnAdjust in RGB, CCT, HIS three modes to reach up to 36000+ colors, with advanced G/M adjustment and 13 FX at three tunable levels. Just take this magic rainbow in your pocket.


Flexible Power SupplyWith the charging port built at an end of it, you can use the light attached on while charging it for longtime lighting.


Reliable Color RenderingWith a CRI rating of 97 and a TLCI rating of 99, it delivers vibrant, natural light and reproduces accurate colors.


In package:

  • Godox TL30 RGB LED
  • USB-C Power Cable
  • Wrist Strap
  • Metalowa płytka x3
  • Metal Plate x3
  • Adhesive Hook & Look Connectors x3