Quadralite Space 150 - white parabolic umbrella

Umbrellas have a wide range of advantages, including speed of unfolding, ease of use and easy transport. Umbrellas will be a very good option not only for beginners in the art of lighting, but can also be a great complement to the set of modifiers used by a professional.

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The umbrella is made up of 16 panels, each acting as a separate light source. The frame made of fibreglass ribs is light and flexible, and the canopy is evenly tensioned. The reflective material is made of rip-stop polyester fabric, which makes the umbrella more resistant to mechanical damage than its cheaper counterparts.

The umbrella is lightweight, quick to mount and easy to carry. It is a perfect solution for photographers specialising in outdoor photography, who need a light modifier that takes up little space in their kit. It can also be used in small amateur studios.

Space umbrellas are available in two versions of reflective surface finishes:

  • white - reflects light giving it a gentle character and softly outlining shadows
  • silver - reflects light, giving it a more intense character and accentuates shadows more strongly

Space umbrellas are available in two sizes:

  • 150cm
  • 185cm
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