Quadralite Beauty Dish White 55 Reflector

Beauty dish is one of the most popular and most versatile light modifiers used in outdoor photography and studio.

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The beauty dish has the shape of a parabolic reflector with a diameter of 70cm. Additional reflector mounted inside the dish dissipates the central beam of light coming from the flash tube which is very important especially in commercial and beauty photography. It provides focused light source without a spot in the middle. BD provides a semi-hard light, slightly softer than on-camera flash but harder than softbox. It provides light source where the center is the brightest and the light falls off at the edges.

Main features:

  • diameter: 55cm
  • depth: 19cm
  • interior color: white
  • made of high quality materials

In the box:

  • Quadralite beauty dish white 55cm
  • textile diffuser

Consumer warranty:

  • 2 years

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