Gray HOYA HMC ND4 43mm filter

HOYA HMC ND4 is a high-quality neutral gray filter that limits the amount of light by 2 stops. The filter surfaces have been coated with anti-reflective HMC coatings, which protect against unwanted reflections and allow to maintain high light transmission which has a positive effect on contrast and color saturation.

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Series HMC
Filter diameter 43mm
Filter density ND4
Model HMC ND4 43mm

ND HMC series filters find many uses in photography and in film. They allow you to extend the exposure time when it is not possible to stop more strongly or stop the ISO sensitivity. On a sunny day, they allow you to use small aperture values ​​using bright lenses, which is particularly important in portrait photography and film. They allow you to adjust the exposure in film cameras in which the exposure time cannot be adjusted.

Basic filter features:

  • light loss: 2 aperture divisions
  • HMC anti-reflective coatings
  • ring: black

The kit sold includes:

  • HOYA HMC ND4 filter
  • Original packaging

Seller warranty:

  • 2 years