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    Godox EM68X E-sport Condenser Microphone RGB USB
    Godox EM68X E-sport Condenser Microphone RGB USB
    Godox EM68X E-sport Condenser Microphone RGB USB
    Godox EM68X E-sport Condenser Microphone RGB USB
    Godox EM68X E-sport Condenser Microphone RGB USB

    Godox EM68X E-sport Condenser Microphone RGB USB

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    The new, top model in the Godox family of E-sports microphones. The EM68X features four polarity patterns to suit any situation, four selectable on/off modes for sound and light for convenience, and five adjustable lighting effects that can be controlled with the Godox Mic mobile app.

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    EM68XIf you want your voice to sound the way it should be heard, then you shouldn't miss this smart, functional and clear-sounding e-sports microphone. The Godox Mic app gives you full control over the microphone from gain effect, RGB backlighting, to noise reduction control mode. There's also a menu where you can switch between four pickup patterns for many more options. The built-in high-density sponge and sturdy shock mount to avoid pops and plosives, it promises you clear voice even in exciting moments. /p>


    Smart atmosphere lightSmart lighting on the e-sports mic is definitely a way forward to having full control over your own game. Now say Hi to your new partner, the EM68X from Godox e-sports family, with the smart-tech LED light designed at the bottom part, being able to automatic ON and OFF once your movement is detected. Through hand sweeping under the bottom within the detection range, you might start your smart table lamp to alter the mood of your room, or simply sweep it off, and silence the game at the same time. Now you will be able to get the right ambience for any moment with the EM68X, which will be a stunning addition to your gaming table.


    Adjust your voiceInstead of getting tired and forcefully speaking louder or quieter to get the best effect, a more convenient way is to adjust the gain on the microphone. Turn the knob on top of the EM68G until you are satisfied with the effect.


    Godox Mic AppThe dedicated Godox mic app originally enables you to switch between multiple stylish lighting modes, adjusting the brightness, color and even the speed so as to create your own combination for suiting every specific mood. With the tech upgrade and improve, the system starts to offer you a much greater wealth of controls, everything from RGB light to gain to noise cancellation, from pickup patterns to audio monitor sound to control model. Each menu is clearly labeled for you to easily monitor changes in real-time, providing you with the simplest and most pleasing experiences.


    Four patternsTo be precise, there are four patterns for you to switch through on the Godox Mic APP: Cardioid, Bidirectional, Stereo, and Omnidirectional pickup, allowing you to stream and record in ways that would normally ask for multiple microphones. By having the EM68X, huge possibilities will be opened-up for you.


    Shock-absorbing designThe EM68X has been equipped with a very sturdy shock mount, which is designed in a cleaner way for much simpler usage, with super flexibility for angle-adjustment. Once you have that on your equipment, you can totally relax and get your game face on without worrying about knocking the stand over and deafening your friends.


    One tap to muteYou can mute yourself instantly by tapping the touch-sensitive mute button at the top of the microphone, at which point the light will handily turn off to indicate this.


    Latency-free monitoringThe EM68X features a 3.5mm audio port on the back part for real-time monitoring, ensuring everything is just under your control. In addition, with the new upgrade Godox mic app, the menu labeled “Monitor Sound” will help you to handily adjust the monitoring sound as you desired.


    Get ready out of the boxThe EM68X is compatible with PC (Win PC/Mac OS), PS5 and PS4, which features a simple plug-and-play operation, rendering perfect clear sound with USB connectivity for instant set up.


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    • EM68X Mic
    • shock mount,
    • usb cable,
    • original packaging.

    Godox EM68X E-sport Condenser Microphone RGB USB

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