Flash head Godox H600P external

The H600P Hand-held extension head for the Godox AD600 Pro series of outdoor portable flash strobe units. This unit comes with Bowens mount and offers 600Ws of output power (taken from AD600 Pro). The long extension wire gives you more convenience when shooting, making it ideal for outdoor and studio photography. You can also hold the flash head or attach it to a light stand.

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The 180 cm cable allows you to place the head in places where the lamp body is unable to fit or its weight does not allow it. Godox H600P is equipped with a Bowens light modifier mount and can be used together with various accessories, e.g. softboxes, bowls or umbrellas.

The head is easy to use. To use it, simply disconnect the torch module from the lamp body and replace it with the head plug. Then connect the torch to the head socket and it's ready.

Set contains:

  • Godox flash head H600P
  • original packaging

Seller warranty:

  • 2 years