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    Godox VK2-AX Vlogging Kit
    Godox VK2-AX Vlogging Kit
    Godox VK2-AX Vlogging Kit
    Godox VK2-AX Vlogging Kit
    Godox VK2-AX Vlogging Kit
    Godox VK2-AX Vlogging Kit
    Godox VK2-AX Vlogging Kit
    Godox VK2-AX Vlogging Kit

    Godox VK2-AX Vlogging Kit

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    Second member of Godox mobile vlogging kit family. It comes as a compact and handy kit that fits well into a purse or a waist pack. Cable-free and powered directly by the phone, the design of microphone in this kit is perfectly suitable for vloggers and YouTubers to shoot on the move. Wherever you go, the VK2 is there for every great moment. AX version is dedicated for devices with 3.5mm port.

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    Simple but GeniusThe VK2 is designed to be simple. Accessories are no bigger than cosmetics, its weight can be barely noticed in your bag. With clamping, screwing, and plugging, your professional recording equipment is ready to go. It saves you all the complicated operations to get amazing footage. With the VK2, fantastic video made easy.


    Compact but ProfessionalThe cable free Geniusmic is super convenient to use. Plug it in, and you are ready to record and share. Compact as Geniusmic is, there's a headphone port behind, ensuring real-time monitoring of your voice. The windshield and foam reduce noise and popping sound. For those who is going to start your music channel or related videos, the VK2 is your perfect choice.


    Natural Bi-colorShooting with the VK2, you will always look your best, even the environment is dim. The fine adjustment between warm and cold colors enables you to better match with the ambient lighting condition and keep your skin naturally lit.


    Robust Phone ClampDesigned with uncompromising craftsmanship, the VK2 is sturdy enough to ensure your phone is clamped securely and safe in place where ever you go. The VK2 is universally compatible with almost all smartphones on the market with widths between 2.4" and 3.5"


    More than a TripodThe mini tripod is actually more than it looks. When contracted, it stably carries the whole kit for tabletop vlogging ; when extended, it serves as a perfect selfie stick for a broader shooting view. Besides, the ball head allows for 360° free rotating for a perfect angle.


    In package:

    • LED6Bi Panel LED,
    • diffuser,
    • USB cable,
    • Geniusmic,
    • foamshield,
    • windshield,
    • mini tripod,
    • smartphone clamp.

    Godox VK2-AX Vlogging Kit

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