Godox mini RGB lamp R1

Round Mini Creative RGB light R1 is a compact and lightweight fixture which is small enough to be held in the palm of your hand. Consisting of three modes, it enables you to easily choose from 360 colors in the control of hue and saturation in RGB mode, precisely adjust the color temperature from 2500K to 8500 K in CCT mode, and, select from 14 special effects mode by pressing the button. R1 features high color rendering with a CRI of 98 and a TLCI of 97, quaranteeing the natural and pristine color. R1 can achieve creative results to meet your various lighting need in any case.

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Series R1
Brightness (lux) 605
Power in W 5
Weight (kg) 0.15
Power supply battery
Power control smooth from the lamp level
Measurement taken from 0.5m
Colour Temperature (K) 2500-8500
Equipment USB-type C charge cable, magnetic dome diffuser, hook and lop
Create any colour that you need for your composition by adjusting the hue (0 to 360°), colour saturation, (0 to 100), and brightness (0 to 100%).

CCT Mode
Dial in the colour temperature to give a cool or warm look to your images. You can adjust the R1 from tungsten to balanced daylight (2500 to 8500K).
Works With AK-R1 Accessory Kit
The R1 works directly with the optional AK-R1 Accessory Kit. Modify the light with grids, snoots, barndoors, gels and more.  The AK-R1 also fits the V1 flash.

Music Mode

Music Mode is one of the special effects. It gives you the ability to have the light pulse with the sound of music, clapping, knocking, or other sounds. The light's colours can also change as the volume goes up or down.

14 Special Effects

The 14 built-in special effects have 2-3 modes each, delivering a total of 39 different effects. Many of them are designed to replicate common types of lighting. The core 14 special effects are: RGB, Cycle Flash, Laser, Lightning ,Broken Bulb, TV, Candle, Fire, Fireworks, Cop Car, Fire Engine, Ambulance, Music, SOS

Set contains:

  • RGB mini lamp
  • USB-C charger
  • light dome
  • two sets of Velcro
  • screw-on tripod mount
  • user manual