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Quantuum white-silver diaphragm 91x122cm

White and silver diaphragm is a useful product both in the studio and in the outdoors. It allows you to reflect lamp or sun light and illuminate shady places. It is equipped with two white and silver screens, each of which provides different characteristics of reflected light.

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65,00 zł

Sklep internetowy: In stock

Sklep stacjonarny: Sprawdź dostępność
Kraków ul.Bonarka 11 tel 12 357-66-05
Type srebrno-biała
Dimensions in cm 90
Function without handle

Photographic diaphragm is one of the main tools of every photographer, amateur and professional. Used especially in the field, with natural light, but also successfully used in the photo studio. It is suitable for equalizing the light, it can be used to illuminate the photographed person. Thanks to the different colors of reflective surfaces, we can achieve different lighting effects desired in a given situation. The whole is closed aesthetically in a cover with a diameter of 60cm. The high-quality materials used to manufacture the blends guarantee long and trouble-free operation.

The diaphragm has small defects consisting of small streaks (max 15cm, usually 5cm) on the white surface, these defects do not affect the operation of the diaphragm, do not affect the color or the quality of the reflected light.

The diaphragm has two screens.
  • white surface - soft, neutral light (can be used as background)
  • silver surface - contrast light with a neutral color
The set contains:
  • diaphragm - 2 reflecting planes
  • case
  • original packaging


  • 2 years