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    MagMod Starter Kit 2
    MagMod Starter Kit 2
    MagMod Starter Kit 2

    MagMod Starter Kit 2

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    A basic set of magnetic modifiers that will let you gain control over the light of any on-camera flash - including round-headed models. Features three base accessories from the second, improved edition of the MagMod system.

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    MagMod Starter Kit 2 to komplet podstawowych akcesoriów, dzięki którym dostosowanie światła lampy reporterskiej będzie prostsze niż kiedykolwiek. Wszystkie trzy elementy zestawu zaprojektowane na potrzeby zaktualizowanego systemu modyfikatorów MagMod, który – w odróżnieniu od pierwotnej wersji – może być używany również z lampami o okrągłych palnikach. Dzięki magnetycznemu mocowaniu zastosowanemu w akcesoriach możliwy jest ich natychmiastowy montaż oraz wymiana, a modułowy design całego systemu pozwala dodatkowo na łączenie modyfikatorów w celu uzyskania unikalnych efektów podczas sesji zdjęciowej.

    Wedding photographer taking photos with on-camera flash and MagMod MagSphere 2 diffuser

    Instant attachment

    Forget the velcros and duct tape – the MagMod system is the fastest and easiest way to adjust the light from your on-camera flash. With its help, you'll diffuse, direct or focus it as you like, all while giving yourself plenty of room for experimentation. You can also freely combine MagMod accessories with each other for truly unique effects.

    Truly versatile

    The accessories included in the revamped MagMod system have been fully optimized for compatibility with new, round-headed flash models. The MagGrip 2 adapter provides a secure grip around the head, while strong magnets firmly hold the applied modifiers in place.

    MagGrip 2 placed around a classic and round-headed flash

    The definition of practicality

    The materials used to make the accessories are not only extremely lightweight, but also exceptionally durable. As a result, MagMod silicone modifiers retain ther flexibility for years of use, even when they're pushed to their limits. Use them for portrait, feature or even in studio photography - the possibilities of the MagMod system are almost endless.

    Modular accessory system

    The entire line of MagMod modifiers is designed for the best possible workflow. Their magnetic, modular design guarantees express replacement during a session, saving time spent in the studio or outdoors at the same time. These versatile accessories will guarantee precise control over the light of any speedlite, regardless of its size or head shape.

    Photographer putting a MagMod Magsphere light modifier diffuser onto a Godox AD200 flash during an outdoor photoshoot

    Key features

    • Basic set of MagMod accessories
    • Offers quick replacement during shooting
    • Works with classic & round-head flashes
    • Acessories can be combined
    • Strong, magnetic mount
    • Made with durable materials

    What's included?

    • MagMod MagGrip 2
    • MagMod MagGrid 2
    • MagMod MagSphere 2
    • Microfiber pouch
    • Original packaging

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