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    Irix Macro Rail 180
    Irix Macro Rail 180
    Irix Macro Rail 180
    Irix Macro Rail 180
    Irix Macro Rail 180

    Irix Macro Rail 180

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    IrixMacro Rail 180 is a device designed for very precise positioning of the camera with the lens at the desired distance from the photographed object.

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    n macro photography, moving the camera relative to the photographed object, even by a millimeter, is very important both for framing and correct focusing at the point selected by the photographer. In order to practically reduce the problems resulting from this factor, many photographers use a tripod with a macro rail.IrixMacro Rail 180 is made of a durable and lightweight,black anodized,aluminum alloy. The entire lower surface of the rail has a tripod mount in the Arca Swiss standard -so you can mount it on the head of a photographic tripod without the need for a plate. It is also possible to mount it directly with a 3/8-inchscrew. The rail is equipped with rubberized feetthat allow it to be placed stably on a flat surface without the use of a tripod. The feet can be removed.

    A millimeter scale is engraved along the entire length of the rail, allowing for a precise movement of the camera. A similar scale is also applied to the quick-releasemounting bracket, thanks to which moving the camera relative to the object is possible in two axes. A screw on one side of the quick-releasebracketallows you to lock it in the selected position.

    The rail is also equipped withthe possibility of rotating the quick-release base in the range of 360 degrees with a marking every 90 degrees.It’s also possible to lock it inthe selected position.

    Adjustment of the distancefrom the photographed object is possible with screws located at both ends of the rail, while the lock is located in the base of the quick-release bracket. The total length of the rail is 180mm and the adjustment range is 160mm.

    Irix Macro Rail 180–main features:

    • High-qualityworkmanship in CNC technology
    • Provides the ability to precisely adjust the distance to the photographed subject
    • Arca Swiss standard mount
    • Rotating base
    • Easy-to-read scale
    • Maximum load capacity 8 kg

    The set includes:

    • Macro Rail 180
    • original packaging

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    Irix Macro Rail 180

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