Godox Softbox AD-S65S silver parabolic 65cm

Godox AD series created especially for the AD400 lamp is a versatile light modifier, light, small when folded and made of the highest quality materials. It can be used as a beautydish providing very characteristic, sharp and contrasting light great for beauty, portrait and fashion photography.

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Mount Godox mount
Dimensions in cm 65
Shape Octagon

Reminiscent of a tulip goblet, the very deep bowl of this softbox is one of its important features. This shape means that the user can very precisely control where the light falls.

Softbox Godox AD series is built on the basis of a quick unfolding mechanism (just like a rain umbrella). As a result, it can be very efficiently prepared, hooked up to the lamp and started the session, and quickly packed after its completion.

The softbox is supplied in a handy case that facilitates transport and storage. The standard Godox bayonet handle with AD400 PRO for easy and quick installation of lamps.

Softbox that does its job 100%

  • A device suitable for studio and outdoor photos,
  • It is very easy to install, it requires no effort.
  • A soft beam of light helps you take great photos.

Set contains:

  • AD series softbox
  • grid
  • 2x diffuser
  • 2x beauty reflector
  • carrying bag
  • original packaging


  • 2 years