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    Quadralite Thea 900 RGB Pro
    Quadralite Thea 900 RGB Pro
    Quadralite Thea 900 RGB Pro
    Quadralite Thea 900 RGB Pro
    Quadralite Thea 900 RGB Pro
    Quadralite Thea 900 RGB Pro

    Quadralite Thea 900 RGB Pro

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    Thea 900 RGB PRO is a high power panel equipped with RGB LED. It will be used for effect shots, in entertainment programs, for luminance, backlight or a given part of the scenery.

    The Quadralite Light Controller application is now available on IOS!

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    Thea 900 RGB PRO offers a maximum light intensity of 3640 LUX . CRI 95+ allows for faithful color rendering. The aluminum structure allows for long operation. The color temperature range of the device is 2800K-8000K.

    Thea 600 RGB PRO offers 0-100% lighting power setting, RGB color spectrum, special creative lighting effects, intelligent anti-overheating system. Panel is powered by an AC adapter or (available separately) batteries of V-lock (version 900) , thanks to this solution it can be used indoors and outdoors.

    Thea RGB PRO panel is equipped with an integrated diffusion panel that allows for basic light diffusion. For better dispersion, Quadralite has created a dedicated Thea Pro softbox.

    When using several compatible panels, it is possible to set one panel to the Master mode, and the others to the Slave mode, thanks to which all panels will set values such as the panel in the Master mode.

    To direct the light, Quadralite also allows you to purchase the Quadralite Thea Pro Barndoors. Thanks to the dedicated Quadralite LED Light Controller application available for Android, it is possible to remotely control the panel and a group of panels.

    Application Quadralite

    The Quadralite mobile application is designed for remote control of lighting panels. This significantly increases the convenience and speed of use, making it easier to adjust the lighting in real time. In the application we have the ability to control the color temperature, HSI, as well as a choice of 48 practical color filters and many effect modes, with more personal settings than from the panel on the lamp. The application allows you to simultaneously control multiple Quadralite continuous light lamps in one moment.

    Selling Points:

    • Light intensity from 890 LUX to 3640 LUX (depending on the panel version) allows to compensate shadows when filming together with daylight and to create a dominant light,
    • 0-100% power adjustment allows you to adjust the light intensity ideally to the situation,
    • The RGB color palette allows you to create an effect light,
    • 48 digital gel filters allow you to quickly reach the desired color,
    • 10 lighting effects allow you to create everyday scenes,
    • Thea 900 RGB PRO version has the ability to be powered by V-lock batteries,
    • Dedicated Quadralite LED light controller app enables remote control,
    • Wireless communication between the lamps allows you to control all lamps simultaneously via the lamp in master mode

    Main information:

    • Application controlled
    • Thin and light
    • Lots of visual effects
    • Overheating prevention system
    • Lighting power in the range of 0-100% 7. RGB 0-360 °

    Set contains:

    • LED panel
    • power adapter
    • bag
    • original packaging

    Data sheet

    Power supply
    Colour Temperature (K)

    Quadralite Thea 900 RGB Pro

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