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    Godox KNOWLED MG2400Bi LED Light
    Godox KNOWLED MG2400Bi LED Light
    Godox KNOWLED MG2400Bi LED Light
    Godox KNOWLED MG2400Bi LED Light

    Godox KNOWLED MG2400Bi LED Light

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    The newest, strongest, most advanced. Godox MG2400Bi is the highest model in the Knowled series, which is introducing a revolution in the video industry thanks to its power and well-thought-out design and functions that facilitate work on a film set. The MG2400Bi, like the MG1200Bi, use the modern Godox G-Mount accessory mount.

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    Full power at full range

    The MG2400Bi uses Godox COB technology to give the unit a massive 2600W of power, and allows it to be used at any color temperature, from 2800K to 6500K, without any drop in power. The brightness from the Godox MG2400Bi unit can be compared with 4K PAR. In addition to incredible brightness, the unit also guarantees cinematic color rendering and no flickering effect.


    Resistance to conditions

    The IP54 certification confirms the careful construction of the lighting unit and controller, allowing the MG2400Bi to perform at its best in rain, fog and any other extreme weather. The solid construction guarantees reliability on set and during transport. The device uses an innovative heat dissipation system to ensure accurate and efficient lighting results in the production process. Four optional fan modes are available to support different lighting scenarios.


    New G-Mount

    The new Godox G mount marks a revolutionary step forward and a new chapter for the upcoming lighting ecosystem on professional film sets. The all-new G-Mount features an all-new system with optics modifiers that include upgraded dish shapes, a 14-inch Fresnel lens, projection overlay, spherical softboxes, parabolic softboxes, strip softboxes and octa softboxes in various sizes. The G-mount is equipped with optical sensing contacts, which provides modifier recognition functionality, generating a more energy-efficient and effective lighting process.


    Many control options

    A professional and reliable control system ready for any filming scenarios. The MG1200Bi allows for DMX512 control (support RDM protocol) and LumenRadio CRMX control (build-in receiver); Ethernet control with sACN and ArtNet protocol, and support Luminair control; 2.4G wireless control with RC-A6II/RC-R9II remoter; Godox Light App control and intuitive on-board control or with removable panel RC-11. Whether for intuitive control or systematic coordination for large-scale shooting, the MG1200Bi will make sure to control the lights much more efficiently, flexibly, and even across brands.


    In package:

    • KNOWLED MG2400Bi,
    • controller,
    • U-type bracket,,
    • antenna,
    • GR45 reflector,
    • steel rope,,
    • lamp cover,
    • AC cable,
    • DC cable,
    • controller clamp,
    • transport bag,
    • original packaging.

    Godox KNOWLED MG2400Bi LED Light

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