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    Godox SL300R RGB LED Video Light
    Godox SL300R RGB LED Video Light
    Godox SL300R RGB LED Video Light
    Godox SL300R RGB LED Video Light
    Godox SL300R RGB LED Video Light
    Godox SL300R RGB LED Video Light
    Godox SL300R RGB LED Video Light

    Godox SL300R RGB LED Video Light

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    The new SL-series lights are powerful LED units, bringing the ability to shine with the full RGB color palette to a cheaper and more affordable price point. These units provide a variable color temperature range of 2500-10,000K with very high color accuracy, precise brightness control from 0-100% allows you to fine-tune the unit's output, and 14 unique special effects allow you to simulate a variety of creative scenes. A nearly silent cooling system is suitable for capturing sound on set. The lights use a Bowens mount to use a wide range of light modifiers.

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    Get ready for the SL series RGB lights! Access versatile lighting effects with Bowens mount, take full command of your color palette with HSI, RGB, and GEL modes, maintain noise-free shooting with mute mode, and control the light as you desire using DMX512, remote control, APP, or the light body. The SL300R offers compact yet powerful solutions for a range of scenes, from live stream studios and interviews to theater stages.



    SL300R usher in a new chapter in live streaming lighting. Achieving a maximum illuminance of 43,300 Lux, these lights exemplify powerful performance and stable output.


    Small Package Big Impact

    Designed in a compact construction, the SL300R is a versatile tool suited for diverse live streaming and video shooting contexts. It fulfills roles as a fill light and an atmosphere enhancer, elevating creative pursuits.


    Vivid Hues Crafting Visual Stories

    Through three internal color modes, a full 360° color spectrum, and 60 gels, SL300R inspire captivating interactions of colors.


    Paint from Cool to Warm Tone

    Covering 2500K to 10000K, the SL300R offers color temperature adjustment for seamless transitions between warm and cool tones, adapting swiftly to diverse scenes and your lighting preferences.


    Multiple Controls

    Meeting diverse needs, the SL300R integrates multiple controls including APP, remote, DMX512, and onboard, empowering optimized lighting efficiency.


    14 FX Effects

    Featuring 14 built-in FX special effects like party and flash, the SL300R replicates lifelike lighting effects. Customize effects further by adjusting brightness and change rate, allowing unrestricted creative expression.



    Designed with a silent mode, the SL300R enables a noise-free shooting experience.


    Bowens Mount

    Featuring a Bowens mount, the SL300R maintains compatibility with a wide range of accessories. This translates to multiple lighting control options and diverse lighting effects.


    In package:

    • Godox SL300R light,
    • reflector,
    • power cable,
    • adapter,
    • steel rope,
    • adapter holder,
    • lamp cover,
    • original packaging.

    Godox SL300R RGB LED Video Light

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