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    HOYA HD Sq100 IRND8 (0.9) filter
    HOYA HD Sq100 IRND8 (0.9) filter
    HOYA HD Sq100 IRND8 (0.9) filter

    HOYA HD Sq100 IRND8 (0.9) filter

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    Solid neutral density filter ND0.9 (8x) made with optical tempered glass, used to evenly lower the exposure over the entire area of the photo. Allows you to slow your exposure time or increase your aperture. 

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    HOYA HD Sq100 IRND8 (ND0.9) is a square, 100 ⨯ 100 mm neutral density filter made with high quality tempered optical glass, that darkens the frame across its entire surface. It allows you to open the aperture wider or extend the exposure time. It is fully compatible with the HOYA mount for the Sq100 system. Lowers the image brightness by 3 stops.

    irnd8-opis-1.jpgCredit: Christophe Anagnostopoulos

    The HOYA HD Sq100 IRND8 filter is perfect for shooting in extremely bright conditions, for example in direct sunlight. Thanks to it, you can get the effect of movement in the pictures, most often found in landscapes captured by the sea, lake or river. Extending the exposure time will make the water in your photos look attractively blurred with a slight hazy effect. The filter also allows the aperture of your lens to be opened wider, thus reducing the depth of field. This way you can get a fantastic background blur, even in the middle of a sunny day.

    Neutral density filters from the Sq100 series can be successfully combined with each other in order to obtain more intense effects. It is a practice often used by professional photographers, allowing for a quick response in constantly changing lighting conditions outdoors. An examplary combination of the ND1.8 and the ND0.9 filter will allow for 9 times darkening of the image and extending the exposure time from 1/250 s to 2 seconds!

    irnd8-opis-2.jpgCredit: Andrew Leggett

    The optical glass that was used to make the Sq100 series filters had been chemically reinforced to withstand the harsh conditions of travel and hiking. Despite their 2-millimeter thickness, they are four times more resistant to minor injuries than ordinary glass, found in cheaper filters made by other brands. You can use them without fear of them breaking, even during difficult journeys and extreme adventures in nature.

    The Sq100 series filters are covered with many layers of special coatings in order to achieve the appropriate properties necessary to take stunning photos. The most important of these - IRND - effectively prevents and surpresses color casts due to increased exposure lenghts to ensure neutral color balance and a natural look. The ACCU-ND anti-reflective coating drastically minimizes the risk of accidental reflections while increasing light transmittance. Thanks to the hydrophobic layer, water droplets do not stay on its surface and drip off it quickly, leaving no streaks and stains behind.



    The kit includes:

    • HOYA HD Sq100 IRND8 (ND0.9) filter
    • Filter case
    • Original packaging

    HOYA HD Sq100 IRND8 (0.9) filter

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