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Genesis GPH-30 KIT - a universal phone holder with a ball head

Genesis GPH-30 kit is a set of three parts that are combined to form a solid, light and functional phone holder for a variety of applications. The whole set is light and functional, so you can take it with you on a trip or add to your photographic equipment. It is also an irreplaceable gadget for people photographing only by phone.

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235,00 zł

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Kraków ul.Bonarka 11 tel 12 357-66-05

The GPH-30 Kit consists of:

  • Phone holder SH-9.0 - this is a holder with a wide spacing, thanks to which it will fit even a 6.5 "phone. It is made of light aluminum alloy, so it is also very durable. The upper part of the holder is regulated by a convenient knob, while the lower part The handle has a 1/4 female thread. Handle spacing: 56-90mm; width: 25mm.
  • BH-1.9 ball head - this is a mini ball head with a ball diameter of 19mm. It has two convenient knobs - one for rotating the ball on a tripod and the other - for controlling the position of the ball. The head can also be mounted on small tripods that have a male 1/4 "thread. We can easily mount a compact or mirrorless camera on the head, as the head's lifting capacity is 2 kg.
  • Mounting bracket MFC-3 - this is a clamp holder that can be placed on both flat and semi-circular surfaces, as the rotatable grippers are also adapted for mounting on various surfaces. The maximum spacing of the mechanism is 32mm, and the whole works smoothly and perfectly holds the whole in place. Thanks to the convenient knob, mounting the handle on various surfaces takes only a moment. The handle is equipped with a 1/4 "male mounting screw and its maximum load capacity is 2kg.

The kit includes:

  • handle SH-9.0
  • BH-1.9 head
  • MFC-3 handle
  • original packaging

Consumer Guarantee:

  • 6 years